• EasyPrep DNA QuickExtract PCR Kit (for tissue or plant)

    EasyPrep DNA QuickExtract PCR Kit (for tissue or plant)

    EasyPrep DNA QuickExtract PCR Kit contains all the reagents needed to rapidly extract and amplify genomic DNA from plant tissues, seeds, bacteria and animal tissues. This kit provides one-step genomic DNA extraction and further PCR amplification. There is no need for organic extraction, column purification, and precipitation of the DNA. The advantages of 2×PCR reagent include high convenience, sensitivity, specificity and stability. It is suitable for routine PCR reaction and large-scale gene detection.

  • HE Swift Cloning Kit

    HE Swift Cloning Kit

    TOOLS HE Swift Cloning Kit is an advanced positive selection system for the highest efficiency cloning of PCR products generated with Pfu DNA polymerase, Taq DNA polymerase, or other thermo-stable DNA polymerases. Additionally, any other DNA fragment, either blunt or sticky-end, can be successfully cloned using the kit. Cloning is fast and efficient; ligation takes only 5 minutes and yields more than 99% positive clones.
    The kit features the novel positive selection cloning vector pHE. This vector contains a lethal gene which is disrupted by ligation of a DNA insert into the cloning site. As a result, only cells with recombinant plasmids are able to propagate, eliminating the need for expensive blue/white screening.
    The vector contains an expanded multiple cloning site, as well as a T7 promoter for in vitro transcription. Sequencing primers are included for convenient sequencing of the insert.

    Cloning Principle
    Quick and efficient: Blue/white screening is not necessary, and the whole ligation process can be finished within 5 min.
    Sensitive and widely applied: Good for the ligation of low concentration fragments and long fragments, works for both blunt and sticky end product.

  • TOOLSwift PCR Cloning Kit

    TOOLSwift PCR Cloning Kit

    TOOLSwift PCR cloning kit is designed for fast, and direct cloning of the single or multiple DNA into any vector, regardless of DNA fragment end compatibility. The core component of this kit is 2×TOOLSwift Assembly Mix that fuses DNA insert and linearized vector based on the 15 bp overlap sequence at their ends. The 15 bp overlap sequence can be engineered by designing primers for amplification of desire DNA fragments. During assembly reaction, the DNA insert and linearized vector will be accomplished as a closed loop plasmid by sticky-ends creating, gaps filling, and ends linking at the overlap regions. The product of the assembly reaction can be directly to transform competent cells and then select colonies.

  • TOOLS Blood Direct PCR

    TOOLS Blood Direct PCR

    TOOLS Direct PCR Kit for Blood is formulated to perform PCR directly from whole blood with no prior DNA extraction. This kit can process whole blood (or serum) preserved in EDTA, citrate or heparin or stored on various types of filter papers, such as FTA cards. The kit employs our especial mixes of DNA polymerases and reagents allowing higher resistance to inhibitors found in blood and has been optimized to give excellent results with blood originated from many mammalian animals. The recommended blood concentration is 1−10 %, although amplification of up to 25% blood can be achieved. TOOLS Direct PCR Kits includes a pair of control primers that are compatible with mammalian blood.

  • TOOLS pGM-T Ligation Kit

    TOOLS pGM-T Ligation Kit

    TOOLS pGM-T Ligation Kit for subcloning provide a highly efficient for the direct insertion of Taq polymerase–amplified PCR products into a plasmid vector for subcloning. The cloning kits are available with a variety of competent cells.



  • FastTools Hi-Fi PCR Kit

    FastTools Hi-Fi PCR Kit

    Fast HiFidelity Polymerase is purified from the hyper thermophilic original strain Pyrococcus spp, with super 3'-5' exonuclease activity (Proofreading activity), and high fidelity- around 80 folds of Taq DNA Polymerase. This product uses innovative affinity ligands synthesis technology, in which ligands inhibit activity of polymerase and exonuclease in a temperature dependent way. Ligand A inhibits DNA Polymerase activity at room temperature, which effectively reducing nonspecific amplification; ligand B inhibits the 3'–5' exonuclease activity and prevents the primer and template from degradation, therefore perform high specific Hot Start PCR reaction. PCR Enhancer in this product highly improves the extending speed. The PCR product is blunt-ended, could ligate with T vector after addition of “A”, or use blunt-end clone vector, as TOOLS ZBack Faster Ligation Kit (TGVTB04).