Two Step cDNA Synthesis Kit

  • ToolsQuant II Fast RT Kit

    ToolsQuant II Fast RT Kit

       ToolsQuant II Fast RT Kit is designed for the first strand cDNA synthesis with high efficiency and able to rapidly remove genomic DNA (gDNA). To avoid the contamination of gDNA, the kit contains gDNA Eraser that effectively remove gDNA (42°C, 3 min). It takes only 15 min (42°C) to complete the synthesis of first strand cDNA by using the innovative RT enzyme. This product also has a high affinity for RNA, which enables efficient and sensitive reverse transcription of any template, such as GC rich and complicated secondary structures of template RNA, leading to high yields of cDNA.

  • ToolScript MMLV RT Kit

    ToolScript MMLV RT Kit

       ToolScript RT Kit is designed for the first strand cDNA synthesis from very tiny amount of total RNA or poly (A) +RNA for two-step RT-PCR. The kit is applied combined with PCR in detection of expression of rare genes, quantitative expression level of mRNA in extremely small number of cells and cloning the cDNA of the specific gene.

  • Tools FastCell cDNA Kit

    Tools FastCell cDNA Kit

      Tools FastCell cDNA Kit provides a high-speed procedure for generating first-strand cDNA directly from cultured cells. No RNA purification or RNase H digestion steps are necessary, minimizing pipetting tasks. Tools FastCell cDNA Kit supplies wash and lysis buffers for preparing lysates and stabilizing RNA; gDNA Eraser for eliminating genomic DNA contamination, and all reaction components for fast and efficient cDNA synthesis.

    Cell numbers and buffer volumes needed for different plates

  • TOOLSmart RT Mix

    TOOLSmart RT Mix

      TOOLSmart RT Mix provides an efficient method of cDNA synthesis which is perfect for downstream Real Time PCR. The 2X pre-mixed reagent contains reverse transcriptase, random hexamers, oligo dT ,dNTP mixture and stabilizer. Simply add RNA and water into TOOLSmart RT Mix and the RT reaction can be completed in short time.