TOOLSmartFect Transfection Reagent

TOOLSmartFect Transfection Reagent

TOOLSmartFect transfection reagent is able to be used in vivo and in vitro for nucleic acid including DNA, RNA, antisense oligo and siRNA, and also can be used in co-transfection for DNA/siRNA. RNAi is a valuable research tool, both in cell culture and in living organisms. TOOLSmartFect has broad spectrum for most commonly used established cell lines and it is an ideal solution for high-performance with maximum compatibility

產品型號 規格 單價 庫存 購買數量
TN-S01 100 ul (1ug/ul) - -
TN-S01-1 100ul x 10 - -
  1. Transfection of primary culture and transformation of cell strain gene.

  2. High-throughput transfection of siRNA.

  3. DNA transfection, Co-transfection of DNA, and siRNA.

  4. In vivo delivery of siRNA oligos (siRNA, DNA, and RNA)

  5. Transfection of adherent cell and suspension cells.

  6. Not necessary to change culture media. Easy to operate. Good reliability.

  7. Transfect siRNA oligos in high efficiency.

  8. High transfection efficiency can be obtained even in culture media containing serum.

  9. No cell toxicity.




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