Tools SuperFast SYBR qPCR Reagent

Tools SuperFast SYBR qPCR Reagent

Tools SuperFast SYBR qPCR Reagent is designed for SYBR Green I based quantitative PCR assays, enables fast and specific quantitative results. Optimized premix could reduce the running time and is suitable for regular and fast real-time PCR thermal cycler. 2X SuperFast SYBR qPCR Mix adopts antibody modified Anti Taq DNA polymerase. Combined with the unique PCR buffer, it could ensure a sensitive PCR detection on any Real-Time PCR thermal cycler. Total running time could be reduced by 60% compared by regular real-time PCR program. Meantime accurate quantification, high amplification efficiency, high specificity and wide credibility range could be achieved.

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FPT-BB07 1.25ml - -
  1. Reduce 60% time of regular real-time PCR program.

  2. Denaturation (95ºC) time: 1 minute.

  3. Annealing/Extension time: 15 seconds.

  4. High amplify efficiency.

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