EasyPrep Swab DNA Kit

EasyPrep Swab DNA Kit

EasyPrep Swab DNA Kit use unique silica membrane technology and special buffer system for purification of gDNA effectively. The Spin Column CR2 made of new type silica-gel membrane in this kit can be easily bounded by DNA specifically. PCR inhibitors such as divalent cations and proteins are completely removed in two efficient wash steps, leaving pure DNA to be eluted in either distilled water (pH 7.0-8.5) or a buffer provided with the kit. The genomic DNA isolated with the product possess high quality and can serve as an excellent template for agarose gel analysis, restriction enzyme digestion, PCR analysis and southern hybrization etc.

產品型號 規格 單價 庫存 購買數量
DPT-BC22 50preps - -
DPT-BC22-2 200preps - -

1. Pure DNA with the new type of silica-gel membrane.

2. Can obtain up to 3.5ug of purified DNA

3. Suitable for buccal swab cell



DNA extracted from EasyPrep Swab DNA Kit:     


     Genomic DNA extracted from different swab
     samples using EasyPrep Swab DNA Kit, 3ul
     of 50ul elutes were loaded per lane.




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