TOOLS Easy Fast RT Kit

TOOLS Easy Fast RT Kit

TOOLS Easy Fast RT Kit is designed for fast first strand cDNA synthesis with high efficiency and able to rapidly remove genomic DNA (gDNA). The kit contains RT Enzyme, RNase Inhibitor, Random primers, Oligo dT primer, dNTP Mixture and reaction buffer. It takes only 15 min (42°C) to complete the synthesis of first strand cDNA by using the innovative RT enzyme. This product also has a high affinity for RNA, which enables efficient and sensitive reverse transcription of any template, such as GC rich and complicated secondary structures of template RNA, leading to high yields of cDNA.

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KRT-BA18 100preps -
  1. Complete cDNA synthesis in 15 minutes

  2. Directly remove gDNA

  3. This kit only contains 1 bottle


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Q1.為何Easy Fast RT可以在含有gDNA Erase的酵素當中,繼續完成cDNA的合成?

A:因為East Fast RT當中的gDNA erase酵素濃度有降低,同時合成cDNA的Primer濃度有提高,藉此提升cDNA合成的效率,且gDNA erase也不會影響cDNA的合成


Q2.TOOLS Easy Fast RT kit的反轉錄效率如何?  是否有相關Data?





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