EasyPrep Marine DNA Kit

EasyPrep Marine DNA Kit

EasyPrep Marine DNA Kit is based on silica membrane technology and special buffer system for many kinds of sample’s gDNA extraction. The spin column made of new type silica membrane can bind DNA optimally on given salt and pH conditions. Simple centrifugation completely removes contaminants and enzyme inhibitors such as proteins and divalent cations. Purified DNA is eluted in low-salt buffer or water, ready for use in downstream applications. The genomic DNA isolated with this kit is of high quality and serves as an excellent template for agarose gel analysis, restriction enzyme digestion, PCR and blotting.

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TB-Marine D 50preps - -
  1. Specially developed for marine animal samples.

  2. No phenol / chloroform extraction.

  3. High-quality purified DNA can be obtained in 1 to 2 hours.

  4. The high pure genomic DNA can be used directly in downstream applications.



Genomic DNA extracted from Japanese Scallop using EasyPrep Marine DNA Kit:

   Figure 1. Genomic DNA extracted from Japanese Scallop
   using EasyPrep Marine DNA Kit. Sample amount: 20mg of 
   gills, 30mg of mantellum, digestive gland and gonad
   M: λDNA/Hind III DNA Marker



Genomic DNA extracted from muscle of Shrimp using EasyPrep Marine DNA Kit:


   Figure 2. Genomic DNA extracted from muscle of Shrimp
   using EasyPrep Marine DNA Kit. Sample amount: 30mg; 
   Eluting volume: 100ul: Loading: 3ul/lane
   M: λDNA/Hind III DNA Marker





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