TOOLS Plasmid Mini kit

TOOLS Plasmid Mini kit

TOOLS Plasmid Mini kit is based on alkaline lysis technology followed by adsorption of DNA onto silica membrane in the presence of high salt. Plasmid DNA purified with this product is immediately ready for use. Phenol extraction and ethanol precipitation are not required. High-quality plasmid DNA is eluted in a small volume of Tris Buffer or deionized water. This protocol is designed for purification of up to 30 μg of plasmid DNA (<12kb) from 1-4 ml overnight cultures of E. coli in LB (Luria-Bertani) medium. Plasmid DNA prepared by this kit is suitable for a variety of routine applications including restriction enzyme digestion, sequencing, library screening, ligation and transformation, in vitro translation, and transfection of robust cells.

產品型號 規格 單價 庫存 購買數量
TT-A03-3 300preps - -
  1. High yields of plasmid DNA

  2. Cost-effective preparations

  3. For optimum lysis and maximum DNA yield.


  1. HSIEH, Yen‐Che, et al. Pparα deficiency inhibits the proliferation of neuronal and glial precursors in the zebrafish central nervous system. Developmental Dynamics, 2018, 247.12: 1264-1275.




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