EasyPrep EndoFree Maxi Plasmid Extraction Kit

EasyPrep EndoFree Maxi Plasmid Extraction Kit

EasyPrep EndoFree Maxi Plasmid Extraction kit is based on alkaline lysis technology followed by adsorption of DNA onto silica membrane in the presence of high salt, and uses Buffer PB4 and Filtration Column CS to wipe off the endotoxin and protein impurity effectively. This product is suitable for a variety of routine applications including restriction enzyme digestion, sequencing, library screening, ligation and transformation, in vitro translation, and transfection of robust cells.
Recommended bacterial culture volume: 500~1000ug plasmid with 100ml bacterial culture for high-copy vectors; and 200~600ug plasmid with 200ml bacterial culture for low- copy vectors.

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DPT-BA17 10preps - -
  1. Yield up to 1.5mg plasmid DNA

  2. Only 1 hour experimental procedure

  3. Endotoxin free

  4. Excellent transfection efficiency



   Figure 1. Plasmid extracted from bacteria using EasyPrep
    EndoFree Maxi plasmid extraction kit. Plasmid transfected
    into 293T and Huh7 cells shows high transfection efficiency 
    and low cell toxicity.



    Figure 2. pBR322 (high copy) and pBS (low copy) plasmid
    extracted from bacteria using EasyPrep EndoFree Maxi
    plasmid extraction kit. 
  1. LEE, Chi-Hua, et al. The C-terminal D/E-rich domain of MBD3 is a putative Z-DNA mimic that competes for Zα DNA-binding activity. Nucleic acids research, 2018.




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