TOOLStrong Transfection Reagent

TOOLStrong Transfection Reagent

TOOLStrong transfection reagent is cationic polymer-based transfection reagent that can be used for DNA transfection with low toxicity compared with liposomal or cationic methods. This product has broad spectrum for most commonly used established cell lines and it is an ideal solution for high-performance with maximum compatibility.

產品型號 規格 單價 庫存 購買數量
TTF-CZ201 1ml -
TTF-CZ201-10 10 X 1ml -
  1.  Transfects cells fast and efficiently

  2.  Suitable for DNA transfection

  3.  Require a low amount of DNA sample and Reagent

  4.  Extremely low cell toxicity

  5.  No need for medium exchange



Experimental Data comparison between TOOLStrong Transfection Reagent and Competitors:

Data 1.

Data 2.

Suitable for a variety of cell lines: