One step probe RT-qPCR mix

One step probe RT-qPCR mix

TOOLS One-Step Probe RT-qPCR Mix is specially designed to perform rapid real-time PCR using probe method (TaqMan®, Molecular Beacon, etc). The kit allows both reverse transcription and gene amplification to take place in a single tube, which avoids cross contamination between samples and improves the sensitivity of detection.
The 25×TOOLS Enzyme Mix contains a highly efficient reverse transcriptase expressed by engineering bacteria; a further-modified hot start Taq DNA polymerase, which provides high efficiency and accuracy for the amplify reaction; and RNase inhibitor. With a special modified hydrophobic motif, this RTase exerts a significant affinity for RNA and facilitates transcription through of RNA templates, especially for templates with high GC content or complex secondary structures. This product contains appropriate ion concentration, dNTPs and PCR enhancer. It stabilizes polymerases and maintain their efficiency within whole reaction process.

產品型號 規格 單價 庫存 購買數量
FPT-BC14 50 rxns. -
  1. Fast: “one step” from RT to qPCR

  2. High Efficiency: The enzyme mix contains highly efficient reverse transcriptase, Taq DNA polymerase and modified RNase inhibitor. 

  3. Stable: Premix solution contains appropriate ion concentration, dNTPs and PCR enhancer.

  4. Specific: This product is suitable for TaqMan®, Molecular Beacon, etc systems.




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