Super Hi-Fi Taq DNA Polymerase

Super Hi-Fi Taq DNA Polymerase

Super Hi-Fi Tag DNA Polymerase is a special blend of Taq polymerase and Pfu Polymerase. It possesses both 5’-3’ polymerase and exonuclease activity. The advantages of Super Hi-Fi Tag DNA Polymerase are high productivity and fidelity. Comparing to regular Taq polymerase, Super Hi-Fi Tag can efficiently amplify large DNA fragments (20Kb for simple templates and 10Kb for complex templates). Besides, it possesses higher extension rate and amplification efficiency than Pfu DNA Polymerase. Super Hi-Fi Tag DNA Polymerase generates PCR products with 3’-dA overhangs that can be directly used in TA-cloning. To obtain higher cloning efficiency, however, PCR products could be purified and added 3-d'A overhangs before TA cloning procedures.

產品型號 規格 單價 庫存 購買數量
ETT-BA05 500units (2.5U/ul) - -
  1. A blend of Tag DNA polymerase with proofreading activity.

  2. Four-times greater accuracy than Taq DNA polymerase.

  3. Generates 3'-dA tailed PCR products.

  4. High yield of PCR products.

  5. Amplification of long targets up to 20 kb form genomic DNA.




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