TOOLStrong Transfection Reagent

  • TOOLStrong Transfection Reagent

    TOOLStrong Transfection Reagent

    Toolstrong Transfection Reagent is a cationic polymer-based transfection reagent with proper usage, is a very effective DNA transfection tool with low toxicity. Toolstrong Transfection Reagent is suitable for a variety of cell lines, from common HEK293, CHO and SF9 cells to rare cell lines like PBMCs and some primary cells are all able to be transfected with our transfection reagent. Compared to Liposomal system, Toolstrong Transfection reagent uses less DNA and reagent, which means you require less DNA amount to reach the same efficiency. The reagent only takes 5 minutes to combine with your DNA, which in total only takes 10 minutes to complete your experiment. Toolstrong Transfection Reagent is the most efficient choice for your transfection experiment.




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