Quick Extraction Kit

  • Quick Saliva Extraction Reagent

    Quick Saliva Extraction Reagent

    Saliva is an excellent, non-invasive source of DNA for use in genetic testing. TOOLS Quick Saliva Extraction Reagent provides a simple, time-saving, and economical way to prepare DNA and RNA DNA and RNA from saliva without the use of toxic chemicals or spin columns. Extraction of DNA or RNA and degrade compounds that are inhibitory to PCR amplification, requiring only thermal treatment. And the process is easily scalable and can handle hundreds of samples in multiwell plates.
    Saliva samples collected with TOOLS Quick Saliva Extaction Reagent are stable and suitable for PCR-based analyses such as genomic, transgenic or viral DNA screening.

  • EX-TOOL Quick DNA Extraction Solution

    EX-TOOL Quick DNA Extraction Solution

    EX-TOOL Quick DNA Extraction Solution is a simple, time-saving, and affordable method for preparing genomic DNA for PCR and even qPCR, completely without the use of toxic chemicals, spin columns or any extra step. Preparation of DNA and degrading compounds inhibitory to amplification requires only heat treatment and simple vortex and no need of extra material. 6 minute protocol could be applied and efficient for animal tissues and culture cells. DNA samples collected with EX-TOOL Quick DNA Extraction Solution are validated stable and compatible for PCR and real-time PCR analysis. And the procedure is easily scaled to process hundreds of samples for high-throughput analysis.




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