PCR Cloning Kit

  • HE Swift Cloning Kit

    HE Swift Cloning Kit

    TOOLS HE Swift Cloning Kit is an advanced positive selection system for the highest efficiency cloning of PCR products generated with Pfu DNA polymerase, Taq DNA polymerase, or other thermo-stable DNA polymerases. Additionally, any other DNA fragment, either blunt or sticky-end, can be successfully cloned using the kit. Cloning is fast and efficient; ligation takes only 5 minutes and yields more than 99% positive clones.
    The kit features the novel positive selection cloning vector pHE. This vector contains a lethal gene which is disrupted by ligation of a DNA insert into the cloning site. As a result, only cells with recombinant plasmids are able to propagate, eliminating the need for expensive blue/white screening.
    The vector contains an expanded multiple cloning site, as well as a T7 promoter for in vitro transcription. Sequencing primers are included for convenient sequencing of the insert.

    Cloning Principle
    Quick and efficient: Blue/white screening is not necessary, and the whole ligation process can be finished within 5 min.
    Sensitive and widely applied: Good for the ligation of low concentration fragments and long fragments, works for both blunt and sticky end product.

  • TOOLS UltraFast PCR Cloning Kit

    TOOLS UltraFast PCR Cloning Kit

    TOOLS UltraFast PCR cloning kit is designed for fast and directional cloning of the single or multiple DNA into any vector at any site, regardless of DNA fragment end compatibility. This kit is applicable for efficient clone of fragments of 50 bp - 10 kb. The vector is linearized at the cloning site. A small sequence overlapped with each end of the cloning site is added onto the insert through PCR. The insert and the linearized vector, with overlapped sequences of 15 bp - 20 bp on both 5’- and 3’-end, respectively, are mixed in an appropriate ratio and incubated with recombinase 2X UltraFast Mix at 50°C for 5 - 15 min. This kit is a novel cloning kit, applicable for homologous recombination with 1 - 5 fragments. The Kit is independent of DNA ligase, significantly reducing the self-ligated colonies. The enhanced recombinase and highly optimized buffer included in 2X UltraFast Mix significantly improve the recombination efficiency and the tolerance to impurities. pFAST vector is compatible with most PCR products, enabling the specific PCR products to be used directly for recombination without any treatments, which significantly simplify the procedure.




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