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11/24 2022

11/24 2022

Beckman Coulter X 圖爾思線上講座—高通量培養微生物反應器

Beckman Coulter X 圖爾思線上講座​

本次講座邀請到Beckman Coulter原廠講者, Joseph Leung, 為我們介紹高通量在線監測和控制培養微生物反應器


2022/11/24(四) 14:30~15:30 

Topic|High-throughput microbioreactor performing cultivations, with online-monitoring & control  高通量在線監測和控制培養微生物反應器

Speaker|Joseph Leung (Beckman Coulter, Regional Product Manager, TASK, Centrifuge and PCC)

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A bench-top microbioreactor performing high-throughput cultivations, with online-monitoring & control of common cultivation parameters for strain screening/optimization.

BioLector XT Microbioreactor 

The BioLector XT microbioreactor is a bench-top microbioreactor platform uses 48 well microtiter plates (MTPs) performing high-throughput cultivations in combination with online-monitoring & control of the most common cultivation parameters such as biomass, pH value, oxygen saturation of the liquid phase (DO), and fluorescence intensity of various fluorescing molecules or proteins. It can be used for microbial, yeast/fungal & algal applications.



Joseph Leung 
Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, Regional Product Manager, TASK, Centrifuge and PCC

Joseph is the Regional Product Manager in TASK (Taiwan/Hong Kong, Australia/New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Korea) region and responsible to provide technical information on Cell Health, QC monitoring and separation products. Joseph obtained the master’s degree on Material Science and Engineer in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and has been worked in Beckman Coulter and support Particle Counting and Characterization for more than 10 years.